Become an entrepreneur and advance your idea over 11 weeks. Get support, build your prototype and test your market.

GROW, the student founding contest in Karlsruhe, is aimed at helping student entrepreneurs to get the right experience, knowledge and network to found their own company. There are no requirements; some teams start with nothing but an idea and others are already working on their prototype. We value progress; it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you GROW.

At the end you can get the chance to pitch your progress in front of 500 people including an experienced jury and may win one of the prizes from our prize pool worth 10,000 €.

You want to participate in 2019?

GROW is a yearly contest and the next one will take place starting November 2019. Stay tuned!

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1. We value progress
It doesn't matter where you start. We only want to see you advance as much as possible during those 11 weeks.

2. A business is more than a prototype
Not only your prototype will be judged. A successfull venture includes understanding your customers, having a strong business model, building a network and validating your ideas.

3. GROW actively supports you
During those 11 weeks we try to help you advance as much as possible. We offer multiple full-day workshops to teach you the necessary soft skills about entrepreneurship. We connect you with experienced mentors that can give you feedback and the right mindset. And we give you access to our network of founders, investors and startups.

4. GROW is not for profit
GROW is organized by the student-run association PionierGarage e.V. Our first and foremost goal is to inspire students to found their own ventures, which is why GROW is financed completely by donations.


Nov. 12th

GROW Kickoff

The kickoff is where the fun starts, no matter whether you have already applied or whether you're still undecided. We will present everything you need to know about the contest and give you a chance to find an idea and/or teammates. And the 11 weeks of work will start right away.

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Dec. 19th

GROW Midterm

All teams come together and present their results after the first 5 weeks. This is your first chance to impress the jury since not everyone will be able to reach the final. Also, the pitches will be public and everyone is invited to check in on the progress so far.

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Jan. 30th

GROW Final

After 11 weeks of hard work its finally time to come together and present the fruits of your labor. Pitch your results in front of the jury and over 500 visitors in the grand finale. Prices include funds to kick off your project as well as office spaces to work on your idea in peace.

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That's what alumni have to say about GROW

GROW has provided us with a strong network of founders, investors and also other companies. Martin Trenkle, Founder of Campusjäger 10-Wochen
We have learned a lot during that time and were able to really take of after that. Sebastian Murgul, Founder of MelodyScanner 10-Wochen

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