Teams of GROW 2019/20

The participants may be at different points in their development.
Here you can read about what they do.


Sebastian Windeck, Sukanya Mandel, Majid Mortazavi, Günter Reuscher, Aaron Gilbee, Ajayi Oluwaseun, Roland Heß (* February 2019)

During March 2019 in Berlin, strangers met at Microsoft-FraunhoferCeRRI AI4Earth event to develop solutions to problems associated with climate change. From this AIRflow was conceived as a natural next step to aiding planning and routing decisions through the environment for medically at-risk individuals. It is obvious that air pollution increases the occurrence of asthma attacks, yet it is less obvious that various forms of air pollution can lead to an increased risk of a heart attack. We are building an AI system that will provide both 1) planning and 2) routing (real-time) guidance for these individuals to walk, run, bike... to move through paths of the best air from point A to Point B. We also hope to extend to allergy and athletic markets after a successful launch of a minimally viable prototype.


Dominik Klotz, Jonas Menesklou (* Oct. 2019)

Testing is a big part of todays software industry. Being software developers ourselves, we recognized a lot of frustration writing tests for user interfaces. Complicated frameworks and long testing processes to name a few. With AskYourUI you can just write your UI tests in natural language. It combines natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning algorithms to create efficient and simple testing.

We help teams make better decisions, grow, and reach their full potential. Barbra makes learning and sharing knowledge easy: 1. Organize your knowledge in collections 2. Follow the ones relevant to you 3. Receive tailored recommendations on what you need to know to get work done and learn. When your team needs to learn a new skill, share a great article, onboard new employees, write meeting notes, keep up with this year’s trends, and more, Barbra has you covered.


David Heigl, Fabrice Bickel, Maren Mistele (* Oct. 2018)

The platform Bladesign empowers creative people to give rotor blades of wind turbines a second life. The team behind bladesign, consisting of three students from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of St. Gallen, has set itself the goal of inspiring designers, architects and other creative people about rotor blade material (glass fibre reinforced plastic). Based on this we have created bladesign, where we offer interested people the inspiration, information, complementary expertise and the network they need to work with the material. With the various collaborations that result from bladesign, we hope to achieve an important step towards a more sustainable future.

More than 8000 people come to Karlsruhe each year to start studying. They want to get to know the city and are therefore looking for recommendations for events and locations from other students. We provide the solution for that: An online recommendation platform called "BOCK auf Karlsruhe". Here, experienced students can share their recommendations to others. As a reward, they earn virtual "BOCK-Points" for each recommendation, which they can convert into coupons in the city, e.g. for some free beer. Compared to other recommendation platforms, we only allow students to register by using the university email-adress. By that, the qualitity of the recommendations is way higher compared to competitors. The vision: We aim to be the biggest online recommendation platform for students in Germany. There shall not only be "bockaufkarlsruhe", but also "bockaufstuttgart", "bockaufberlin", "bockaufkoeln", and so on.



Dominic Seitz, Dominik Doerner, Marvin Wach (* Sep. 2019)

Workers at construction companies lose a lot of time on activities that do not create values. This includes bureaucracy, governance and compliance. We at Constreo want to digitalize and streamline those processes to help workers get right back to their actual tasks. Our first product is a time tracking application for teams at construction sites - a task that still relies heavily on daily paperwork for every employee at most small companies. We differentiate ourselves from the market by being user-driven, intuitive and minimalistic. Every worker should be able to use the app without any explanation from the get-go.


Nadezhda Prodanova, Raphael Fritz (* 09.11.2019)

Read all, pay once. Valuable high quality journal and newspaper articles are hidden behind pay walls with a monthly subscription cost of 20 Euro on average. Because of this, it is impossible to gather information on a specific topic from multiple sources, let alone on different topics. Our mission: make information more accessible. Doesn't matter if it is political topics, scientific research, psychology, sports, nature and wild life, we want to have it all! Our platform will enable readers to access local and world established journals and newspapers all in one place with a single subscription.

Fiami - Find a Midwife

Samuel Fluck, Laura Schorb, Moritz Theis

All over germany there is a massive lack of midwives. Although midwife services are basic insurance benefits, only every second women will find a midwife to take care of them. We want to help the midwives to better organize the massive amount of requests, so that they have more time for the most important work, the personal care of pregnant women and their babies.

Forest Flight

Aicha Laghmani, Taher Chettaoui (* Nov. 2019)

Germany has around 11.4 million hectares of woodland of which 48 % is in private ownership. In order to avoid overexploitation forests need to be managed. One important step in forest management is thinning which consists of removing of inferior trees to leave more resources for the better ones. It can reduce overstocking to maintain the health of the forest, improves habitats for wildlife, prevent wildfire and generate income. Thinning is nowadays done by a forester that collects data by examining small areas in a forest which is a long process. Our goal would be to collect the data via drones that would be able to cover bigger areas and give more precise overview on the state of the forest. Moreover we want to develop an algorithm to process the collected data and based on the stocking chart we would be able to determine if the forest is overstocked and therefore ready for thinning.


Andreas Cordes (* November 2019)

We want to deliver tasty frozen pizzas with customized toppings to all the lazy gourmet pizza lovers out there 👨🏻‍🍳




Just here for the food



Robin Schreiner, Martin Wagner, Tobias Dierich, Frank Linke

likvi is a cloud application for billing, quoting and expense tracking. The app is optimized for the needs of freelancers, who can not spend much time on bookkeeping. The intuitive controls and smart automation likvi offers allow freelancers to save money every month and focus on their actual work.


Lukas Reimold, Patrick Rodinger (* Oct. 2019)

Why Lumitrast? Because we believe that your most beautiful memories should brighten each of your days. A Lumitrast is more than a simple photo that you decorate your room with. It also serves as an ambient light and always reminds you of your loved ones or your best experiences. Still looking for a good present? We got you covered.



Madoc is the platform for travelers to find their doctors abroad and book a same-day appointment. Patients often have trouble communicating with local health care personnel and finding medical help abroad. Patients will no longer contact their insurance call center to find medical help abroad. Health insurance companies profit greatly, by reducing their reliance on call centers and local agents. The clinicians benefit greatly by increasing their patient numbers. As a future outlook, the platform will help patients to: find and book available doctors for a home visit, transfer their electronic health records directly to their insurance to prove their insurance claim and make video chats with doctors. .


Samuel Gensch, Joshua Brett, Maximilian Franz (* October 2019)

We are ModuGen, a proptech startup based in Karlsruhe. Our Vision is to simplify the planning and construction process in the building industry. Our solution is modular timber construction. We design an algorithm workflow at the junction of structural design and computer based generation. The algorithm takes a simple floor plan as an input and generates the timber structure of the final modular building. The envisioned end result is a comprehensive production plan and a structural certificate. Thus we reduce both the costs for planning and the time of construction dramatically, all the while promoting higher quality throughout the process. With ModuGen we are invested in a sustainable building industry. That is why we focus on wood as the main resource of our building design. With wood as a building material, we literally store tons of CO2 and support the growth of forest and consequently biodiversity.



Alexander Weber, Paul Mattes (* Nov. 2018)

We are Paul and Alexander and we have started creating nutrilize in Nov. 2018. We are computer science students and had to do a practical software project, that is when nutrilize (or actually snap&track - how we called it first) was born. We kept developing a prototype throughout the year until now because we see potential in our idea and want to make it a product that helps people. So what is nutrilize about? nutrilize is our next level food tracking app. Food trackers help people to analyse and control their nutrition, e.g. to loose weight or eat healthier. Compared to other apps, where users have to weigh and insert every single food into the app which can take multiple minutes, we reduce tracking time to only a couple of seconds. Our users just need to scan their served meal with the smartphone camera, so we can recognize the contained foods and calculate the weights automatically. This is user-friendly, less frustrating and demotivating and let's you focus on your nutrition.



(* September 2019)

Our idea is to replace plastic bags from supermarkets with our sustainable cotton handbag! Not least, our own horror at the enormous production of plastic bags and their negative effects on the environment, humans, nature, and animals has brought us to this idea. Also the recognizable desire of the society to more and more sustainable offers in the most different areas supports us in our vision to displace plastic bags by our pockets in the long run. We are currently focusing on designing our own product label and designing beautiful packaging to give our customers a personal buying experience as possible. Currently, we sell our flagship model in our own online shop. But we want to expand our current distribution channel and offer simple cotton bags on the market via various online sales channels. We look forward to working with the mentors and hope to get lots of new ideas for our project as part of Grow and to gain new experiences.


(* Nov 2019)

Jeden Tag verschwenden wir eine Menge Zeit damit, uns im Internet durch Sozial Media, Videoplattformen oder Meme-Seiten zu scrollen und klicken. Schauen Serien an, lesen Nachrichten und konsumieren Medien, an die wir uns schon fünf Minuten später gar nicht mehr erinnern. Wäre es also nicht cool, wenn man dabei noch etwas lernen könnte? Memes und Videos anschauen und gleichzeitig eine Sprache lernen? Deshalb bauen wir eine Plattform mit der man in das digitale Leben anderer Kulturen eintauchen kann. Prokrastinieren und gleichzeitig eine Sprache lernen, das ist unser Ziel. Für Grow ist unser Ziel einen Prototypen zu bauen, damit ausländische Studierende leichter Deutsch lernen können.

Raison d'être

Jonas Klein, Ramon Brischle (* June 2019)

Raison d'être - reason to be: Who are we? What do we stand for? These questions are our motor and fortunately we haven't answered them yet. This is also the reason why we chose this name. Already during our apprenticeship in big german banks as well as our studies in financial services we have always questioned the status quo. Our project has been with us throughout the way and we love to wear it. It begins with suits but we want to grow organically and add pieces, that make sense to us. Our suit is, just like us, cut from a different cloth. It is made of eucalyptus fibre and cotton scraps and will be produced in a sustainable way. By thinking like a customer we set a high standard to ourselves and stay open for new ideas and innovation. We combine ethics and aesthetics and create fashion that we want to wear, while keeping a good conscience.

Semantic Search Engine

Benjamin Wolba, Jakob Schwich, Christian Liu (* Nov. 2019)

Hello everyone! We are Benjamin, Jakob and Christian. Our idea is the "Semantic Search Engine" with which we want to revolutionize the way of learning and researching! Our product is a Website with which we want to give students, researchers and employees the possibility to find the knwoledge they need in the way they understand.

Sensus Tech.

Juan Carlos Climent, Sehrif Nekkah, Josua Janus (* Nov. 2019)

In the industry of motor sports and robotics a precise estimation of the velocity for the system control is required. Mostly it is done by conventional sensors like wheel speed, IMU or GPS. But what happens when the wheels are drifting or the robot is indoors? The estimation gets inaccurate. This is where Sensus Tech. steps in. With a solution based on cameras we do an estimation of the velocity and the vehicle slip angle at an affordable price. @KIT

Tina Menke, Lena Stempfle, Johanna von Hammerstein (* June 2019)

Our goal is to spark enthusiasm for programming in female 7th and 8th graders. In three-day workshops, the girls code their first lines with the Calliope Mini. The Calliope Mini offers the possibility of getting to know programming as well as crafting in a playful way. Additionally, we organize an excursion to a university institute to introduce the girls to real-life applications of informatics. started out as a university group at KIT, founded by three women who were wishing for more female role models in the tech sector when they were young. With this initiative, we want to change that for future generations and hope to build up girls’ self-confidence and interest in technological topics, specifically informatics.


Tobias Weyer, Marco Grüner, Manuel Remmele (* Oktober 2019)

Smada - Smarte Darterkennung für Steeldarts. Die Kombination des hochwertigen Spielgefühls von Steeldart und den technischen Vorzügen einer elektronischen Dartscheibe.


Niki Nouri, Julian Peters

Many producers and professional users of power-tools require to gather knowledge of how exactly their tools are being used. Measurements with the power-tools in specialized test-environments are being done by the producers, however complicated measuring techniques are necessary and mostly it does not even represent the "real" usage in daily routines. We are developing a sensor-kit which is easy to connect to electric power-tools and which can collect different interior data (acceleration, current, voltage). We aim to analyze this data using for example machine-learing techniques in order to enable us to determin the workload and specify how the power-tool has been used. Producers can use this knowledge to optimize the construction of their tools. For professional users it will be of advantage in allowing predictive maintenance.

The Fitness App

Trash AI

Sebastian Navarrete, Rodrigo Navarrete

We are creating a trash using AI along with an app that helps people teach them which trash goes on which trash bin. Also with the prototype we are planning to develop a great business that we could implement in the country. We are very interested in pursuing this project because we are visionary international students who we are planning to make a lot of business here in Germany using the studies we are doing, KIT and TU-Darmstadt.


(* Oct 2019)


Jonathan Ehwald, Marco Salas (* Mid 2019)

Voxelhost provides users with affordable on-demand game servers. We believe that gaming is most enjoyable when you can play together with your friends. Many games require you to set up a server to do so. However setting up and maintaining a game server is a complicated, time-consuming and expensive task. Especially for a younger audience. With Voxelhost, we've set ourselves the mission to simplify this process and make game servers accessible to everyone.



Florian Abel



KIT Merch

(* Sep. 2k19)




Project 2.0