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Lukas Ogiermann


OTH Regensburg, Business administration

After I successfully founded my web design company, I started looking around for alternative diets and tried everything. Especially with the fact that we will soon be 9 billion people on this planet and we can not feed all with our current meat consumption has shocked me. With vegan nutrition I quickly came to the conclusion that due to the high prices this type of nutrition is hidden from a large market. I decided to make meat-free and healthy nutrition accessible to those who don't have much money.

Fungy is a meat substitute that comes without artificial flavours and a high price. Fungy consists of mushrooms, or more precisely mycelium, which you can imagine as the roots of the mushroom. By adapting to the environment, Fungy tricks the mushrooms above the ground into thinking that they are still underground, so that they keep expanding the mycelium. Fungy's mycelium grows 9 times faster than soy, uses only 0.6% of the water as soy, and naturally has the same consistency and nutritional value as meat. Because mycelium needs no fields, little water and no sun to grow, the price can be pushed down to €0.8 per 100g, undercutting any meat in the supermarket.