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Katharina Schmidt


CEO of & Academic researcher at xLab

Katharina Schmidt is a co-founder and CEO of []( Founded in 2018, the Karlsruhe-based start-up has become a leading specialist in the field of automated pollinator monitoring. By means of the camera-based monitoring of beehives, the company turns honey bees and bumblebees into biosensors and identifies factors which could harm them. The technology is used for the risk assessment of plant protection products and for the development of pollinator-friendly agricultural practices. Additionally, Katharina spends four hours a week working at the founder’s lab “xLab” at Hochschule Karlsruhe, promoting the founder’s community of Karlsruhe and serving as a sparring-partner for future founders. She is also active in the public advisory board of Cyber Valley, an initiative to promote awareness and knowledge of ethical and social issues in artificial intelligence. Recently she has written an article in the book “Zukunfts-Navigator Deutschland”, which revolves about the necessary changes in our understanding of growth and prosperity in the pursuit of becoming a sustainable society.