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Jannis BΓΆning


Mechanical Engineering @ KIT

As the head of GROW I'm looking forward to 11 weeks with a lot of passion and fun!


Hey there :) GROW is starting soon, so get ready for Kickoff! If you want to pitch an idea, please prepare your 60 sec pitch in english. If you want to join in person in Karlsruhe, please book your ticket now. All the necessary links and information to all events will always be published in the schedule (see image). See you on Friday!

Join our official Whatsapp-Group! - For those of you, that could not be added to our Whatsapp-Group, please try to join via this link: | If it is still not possible, please contact us via mail:

Tomorrow, 2pm to 5pm: Workshop Concept & Product Design - held by MOJA Design || You want to rethink and reshape your idea the way professional engineers and designers do? Then join our workshop tomorrow and learn about Design Thinking, the Persona Method & much more. The workshop starts with an short input session. You will then project what you have learned onto your idea in an interactive session. || You can visit the workshop in person, alone or with your whole team: Book your ticket now via this link or in the schedule: (open until today, 6 pm) || You can also visit the workshop tomorrow online via Zoom: || Please be on time tomorrow and bring a laptop/tablet, pen and paper and the passion for your idea!

The first two Workshops are over now and it was nice to meet and collaborate together at our Launchpad! The registration for the next three appointments before Midterm is open now in the schedule. So feel free to book your tickets for joining in person. || Pictures and material from the last Workshop can be found in your Information Hub (as a participant).

Important notice || Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it is no longer possible for us to offer our events in person until the end of the year. Also the Midterm event will take place in an online format. This decision was not an easy one for us, as we were especially really looking forward to the "GROW in Action" days together with you. Instead, our plan is to offer you two "GROW in Action" online days on Dec 11 and Dec 18 (in a virtual environment and with some special guests and activities). || We encourage all of you to reduce your contacts now and to act responsibly within the next weeks. In January, we will reassess the situation and hopefully host the big Final again together in person at Audimax! || So don't get discouraged and focus on your idea! We will continue to offer you the best possible support. All events will take place online and the competition will continue as usual. πŸš€ || Your GROW-Team

Mandatory next steps to continue towards Midterm: || The Midterm Event takes place on Dec 2 and will be held in an online format. To continue participating in GROW and to have the chance to proceed to the Final, there are some mandatory and important next steps with strict deadlines that you have to observe. If you miss one of those deadlines, you are disqualified. || 🎟️ Online-Ticket - Deadline Nov 25, 23:59 - Book at least one ticket for your team to participate in the Midterm online via the schedule on the website or this link: || πŸš€ Prepare your Pitch-Deck - Deadline Nov 29, 23:59 - You will have 90 sec to pitch, followed by a 120 sec Q&A. Details to the assessment can be found in your Information Hub (visit GROWconnect). Please send your slides before the deadline via mail to: || πŸ“ Note Please update your Startup Profile in GROWconnect with a Logo and description now. This will be part of the evaluation basis. || If you have any questions, please ask your buddy or write an e-mail to

### Official and important announcement ### For you as our finalists, there will be now some regulatory changes that you should take under account from now on: || 1) From our three remaining Workshops, it is from now on mandatory to attend at least two Workshops. By default, all of you are registered for all three Workshops (you don't have to register in our Schedule for the workshops). So we plan with all ten teams of you attending all three workshops. You have to actively sign off from a workshop in advance by stating a reason. Please thus sign of by texting our Workshop-lead Merve via Whatsapp. If you attend less than two Workshops or if you forget to sign off, this will be taken into account for your Final-assessment. || So here is a quick overview: πŸ’» Workshop 6: Customer Validation / 15.12.21, 9:00-12:00 / sign of until 13.12.21 by stating a reason: @Merve Emir πŸ’» Workshop 7: Marketing & Sales / 15.01.22, 9:00-12:00 / sign of until 10.01.22 by stating a reason: @Merve Emir πŸ’» Workshop 8: Equity & Financing / 15.01.22, 14:00-17:00 / sign of until 10.01.22 by stating a reason: @Merve Emir πŸ’¬ FINAL Pitch Training (30 min sessions) / 16.01.22, 10:00-16:00 / not mandatory, we will announce it later || 2) On these four Tuesdays (14.12.|21.12.|11.01.|18.01.), you will get a short reporting form within this Channel, that you have to fill out until Friday. If you miss that, we will take this under account in the Final-assessment.