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Andreas Mostafa


Andreas Mostafa is about success in leadership, sales - in life. Work is vacation! - According to the motto “If you want good hours, spend them with customers. The thoroughbred entrepreneur shows the way to success in an unconventional way. For Andreas Mostafa, all of life is a challenge that has to be mastered anew every day. Andreas Mostafa is enthusiastic because he does what he says. He started his own business at the age of 25, and in the meantime well over 10,000 participants have been inspired in his lectures, seminars and coaching sessions. He has extensive international experience. So he worked inter alia. For 2 years as a strategic key person in Europe for Anthony Robbins. In addition, Andreas Mostafa has also been a partner of the INtem® group for almost 30 years. He has done building and development work in many areas for the internationally operating and multiple award-winning group. Prize winners of the Int. German Training Award 2008. He is an expert in target planning and strategic new customer acquisition. Today Andreas Mostafa works for many market leaders or helps along the way.