Hi folks, the pollution of water is still a big issue we all have to face. For example, there is too much fertilizer in water. To overcome this issue, monitoring the quality of water is a necessity. But with actual methods, this is impossible. My name is Lukas Hamm, I am 20 years old, and I developed a new method for meassuring ionic conzentrations in water. My technology is affordable, reliable, substainable and totally automatic. I can reuse all required chemicals. With my device, farmers could control their fertilization prozess better by meassuring. On the other hand, researchers could use my device as an early warning system for water pollution. Additionally, even private persons could benefit like in aquaristic or to meassure waterhardness and saving energy costs. For my project, I am specially searching for sponsors and team members who have knowledge in founding and business. If youre interested, please feel free to contact me on GROW connect or at lukas.hamm@xenoplex.de :)