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SWIFE is an innovative digital platform that connects (private) users looking for events & leisure activities with respective offerings. With the SWIFE mobile app, private useres (seekers) receive data-driven suggestions for organizing their leisure time based on their personal interests. SWIFE makes use of an AI to create individual interest profiles of private users and to provide data-driven recommendations on suitable leisure offerings. While users use an intuitive "swipe"-mechanism, they communice their personal interest or disinterest and the precision of the recommendations is constantly improved by the algorithm. At the same time, SWIFE enables hosts of events and leisure activities to market their offerings easily and in a location-, time- and target group-specific way (hyperlocal marketing). A number of other functions on the B2C-side (e.g. friends function or benefits club) and on the B2B-side (e.g. marketing analytics or a ticket system) ensure further benefits.