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Here are the Start-Ups

Online Shop/Platform for humanitarian fashion. Bringing together brands that create stylish clothings and make a difference in lives of people in need.

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Marketing · Pitching · Branding ·

REPOWERING. REDESIGNING. REINVENTING The World. One Home at a Time. Our ambition is to create a sustainable and renewable battery ecosystem

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Sales · Marketing · Product Development · Market Research · Legal · Finances · Validation ·

Fungy is a meat substitute that comes without artificial flavours and a high price. Fungy consists of mushrooms, or more precisely mycelium, which you can imagine as the roots of the mushroom. By adapting to the environment, Fungy tricks the mushrooms above the ground into thinking that they are still underground, so that they keep expanding the mycelium. Fungy's mycelium grows 9 times faster than soy, uses only 0.6% of the water as soy, and naturally has the same consistency and nutritional value as meat. Because mycelium needs no fields, little water and no sun to grow, the price can be pushed down to €0.8 per 100g, undercutting any meat in the supermarket.

We don't require mentoring

I developped a new method for meassuring ionic conzentrations in aqueous solution. With my device, you should be albe to meassure the conzentration of the most important fertilizers, allowing you to have more control in fertilizing. Additionally, you can use my device to meassure the quality of e.g. groundwater autonomously to avoid overfertilization. Benefits of my method are that my device recycles all chemicals used for meassuring and my device works mostly autonomous. Additionally, by limiting the costs of my device, it should be really affordable.

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Sales · Marketing · Market Research · Legal · Finances · Branding ·


We require mentoring in:
Sales · Legal · Branding ·

LatGreen is an Idea to face the new challenges of the present and future regarding the production and consumption of Energy through the develepmento of Net Zero Energy Buildings around the world aiming to the individuall Energy production, which will be able to be connected into an intelligent " Energynet " Right now the we are a Lateinamerikan Team looking for people, who want to support and work together to develope this proyect.

We require mentoring in:
Marketing · Product Development · Legal · Finances · Validation ·

An air purifier with moss.

We require mentoring in:
Product Development · Legal · Pitching · None ·

AI powered drones built for multi varied applications via APIs. Autonomous surveillance detection, counting, segmentation tracking; assistance & security for properties, agriculture, wildlife and industries.

We require mentoring in:
Ideation Marketing · Product Development · Market Research · Finances · Software & Electronics ·

Purple Home aims to close the gap between insufficient technical support systems and expensive day caring. MyoVest, the first product of the company (a wearable sensor system integrated in a vest and set-up via a mobile application) relies on indirect interaction with the People with Dementia only, which sets the solution apart from existing systems and makes it a customized solution for dementia caregiving.

We require mentoring in:
Sales · Marketing · Product Development · Market Research · Finances · Pitching · None ·

We grow Safran in Germany and try to harvest and process it with an autonomous machine.

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Sales · Marketing · Market Research · Legal · Finances · Validation · Pitching ·

Sonnen Segel mit Flexiblen Solarzellen

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Market Research · Branding · None ·

Wirecard was one of the biggest accounting and business scandals of recent years. Banks and small investors made hard losses. Such scandals on a smaller or larger scale happen again and again: Enron, Steinhoff, etc. . We develop a tool to detect anomalies in balance sheets using statistical methods and machine learning. Thus, balance sheet manipulations can be detected at an early stage.

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Sales · Marketing · Product Development · Market Research · Legal · Validation · Pitching ·

We bring companies closer to their customers by combining state of the art artificial intelligence with privacy enhancing technologies.

We don't require mentoring is an innovation intelligence SaaS that supports companies in their operative and strategic patent portfolio management. By means of natural language processing (NLP) helps to reduce effort and accelerates processes, so that innovators can focus on what matters to them - game changing inventions.

We require mentoring in:
Funding & Recruitment ·

B2B enterprise customers faces hectic issues while finding the right software service for their business. Virtual fares, online browsing, email bushing and requests for consultations makes it even worse. Techbeens is our solution to it by providing an online B2B marketplace to easily navigate, explore, review, compare, get personalized customized assistance and quote for the matching SAAS product for one's respective business needs. An online B2B marketplace directly connecting customers with enterprise SAAS vendors. Advance assistance to business consumers with user reviewing, comparing, product-led-research and personalized product customizations. Techbeens is currently at the porotype stage aiming to get ready with the MVP.

We require mentoring in:
Customer Development · Sales · Finances ·