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Become an entrepreneur and advance your idea over 11 weeks. Get support, build your prototype and test your market.

GROW, the student founding contest in Karlsruhe, is aimed at helping student entrepreneurs to get the right experience, knowledge and network to found their own company. There are no requirements; some teams start with nothing but an idea and others are already working on their prototype. We value progress; it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you GROW.

At the end you can get the chance to pitch your progress in front of 500+ people including an experienced jury and may win one of the prizes from our prize pool worth over 8.000 €.

Supporting young founders - every winter in Karlsruhe

You want to participate in 2021?

(Deadline: 29.10.2021 16:59)

You can also attend the Kickoff event and enter spontaneously.
Take note that for our Pre-GROW Event, you will need to sign up for the contest.

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Okt 29


Find an idea, find a team and learn more about the contest. The kickoff is where the fun starts, no matter whether you have already applied or whether you're still undecided....

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Dez 02


Teams pitch their progress in the first half and fight about advancing. Half time break! Pitch what you've done in the last 5 weeks in front of a small audience and a jury....

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Jan 21


Pitch your results of the contest and win prizes. This is what you've been working for! Pitch one last time in front of a huge audience and show what you've learned and how far you have come....

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1. We value progress
It doesn't matter where you start. We only want to see you advance as much as possible during those 11 weeks.

2. A business is more than a prototype
Not only your prototype will be judged. A successfull venture includes understanding your customers, having a strong business model, building a network and validating your ideas.

3. GROW actively supports you
During those 11 weeks we try to help you advance as much as possible. We offer multiple full-day workshops to teach you the necessary soft skills about entrepreneurship. We connect you with experienced mentors that can give you feedback and the right mindset. And we give you access to our network of founders, investors and startups.

4. GROW is not for profit
GROW is organized by the student-run association PionierGarage e.V. Our first and foremost goal is to inspire students to found their own ventures.

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- In what language does GROW take place?
The event will be held entirely in English this year.

- Can I take part if I’m not a student?
Yes, GROW is for everyone, whether you’re working or not. However, each team must consist out of at least one student.

- Can we sign up as a team?
Yes, in the registration form there is the option to enter already existing teams.

- If we already are a team, should every person sign up?
No, you would make it easier for us, if you submitted one registration per idea.

- Can we take part as a university association?
If your group consists of members of your association you can - of course - participate. However, note that you will need a defined team and should have the intention of founding a company.

- In what format will the contest take place in Corona times?
We have decided to hold the event in a hybrid format: The kick-off will at least take place completely digitally, the other main events will depend on the occurrence of infection. Most workshops are - following a hygiene concept - held on site.

- Can I also participate if I am not in Karlsruhe during the competition?
Yes, it will be possible to attend the obligatory events remotely. However, you might miss out some workshops that are held on site.

Some of our successfull Alumni

Campusjäger 1st place 2013/14
Usertimes 1st place 2017/18
Melody Scanner 2nd place 2016/17
HelioPas AI Most Scalable 2018/19

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth
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